As you embark on your renovation, it’s imperative that you have a trusted partner who treats you as a core member of the team.

At Skelly Home we will walk you through every step of the process and connect you with our trusted design and engineer partners, providing you with a full service firm from initial thought to execution.

We have designed a fluid process to ensure that your renovation is well communicated, efficient, and in your control at all times.


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You share your vision with us and the partnership begins. We listen to the aspirations you have for your home, and we share how we will make your dream a reality.

We are experienced with projects of all sizes and scopes, from full house remodels, to stair reconfiguration or guest houses. Our project size minimum is $30,000.

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Within 7 business days, we will deliver an estimate of the total cost to complete your ideal transformation. This detailed estimate includes costs, scope, and timeline.

Throughout the renovation, this original estimate will always be easily accessible trough our client portal, BuilderTrend.

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Breaking Ground

We hit the ground running by immediately applying for permits, ordering materials, scheduling experts, and setting a date for breaking ground. We’ll meet with you to discuss what you can expect in every phase of the renovation and answer all of your questions.

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Demolition begins! During this phase, we are in constant communication with you, ensuring that you are well aware of and comfortable with each step of the process. We will immediately haul away any mess created.

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Project Management

Our project managers work directly with you to ensure that the finished product fulfills your dreams. As the project unfolds, you may decide to change something or expand the project scope -- No problem! We utilize a software called BuilderTrend to maintain easy communication throughout the entire project.

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The project has concluded, and the final spaces are revealed. Your new space is yours to enjoy for years to come! All plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work is warrantied by Skelly Home for one year.

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