How much will my project cost? 
All projects are different based on the scope and materials, which is why the first step is to consult with you!

What types of projects are in your wheelhouse?
We are experts at renovating homes, from one room to large-scale, whole house renovations. Every project is treated with the same level of importance because our goal is to always have you delighted with your renovation. However, our minimum project is $50,000.

Will the remodel be noisy?  When?  Yes! Construction is inherently noisy. Noise happens at varying levels throughout the home renovation process. We will give you advance notice during the really noisy phases, so that you can plan your days accordingly. 

Will you manage and pull permits? Skelly Home manages pulling permits, and you will be informed as we move through the process. A designer or architect will provide appropriate plans to submit for the permit needed.

Will my family need to move out of our home during construction? Our remodeling process is structured to minimize turn around time, from tear down to completed project, so that you are not inconvenienced any longer than necessary. Dependent upon the scope of the project, every client's threshold for the pace of work is personal. We will talk through this with you during our first series of meetings.

What do I do if I want to change a project detail after project is started? Contact us! We are committed to your home looking exactly how you want it to. If you decide you want to change something or add in another room, we are happy to work with you to have that happen. We make communication simple and easy!


How quickly can we start construction?  Project start dates vary due to a variety of factors. Some of the factors include: size of the project, permits being issued and availability of all the trades needed. We will give a more definitive answer upon the delivery of your personalized estimate. 

Will I be without power/water/gas during the remodel? Depending on the scope of your home remodeling project, there will likely be some brief interruption to utilities.  We will give you advance warning, so that you can plan accordingly.

How long will my home renovation project take?
Following our initial walk through, you will receive an estimate and a projected timeline. The duration of your project depends on multiple aspects, including size of the renovation project, scope of work and materials/finishes used, and, most importantly, any changes or additions to the project along the way. We will prepare a construction schedule for each remodeling project, and you will have access to this schedule and be able to track progress on a daily basis.

Will it be really dusty and dirty? Construction is inherently dusty and dirty. Dust and dirt will occur at varying levels throughout the home renovation process. However, on the really dusty and dirty phases, we will give you advance notice so that you can plan your day accordingly.  We do our very best to seal off the rest of the house during the renovation process. However,  dust travels and itโ€™s nearly impossible to prevent it from spreading. If you are planning to live in the renovation, we suggest cleanings throughout the project and a construction clean at project completion. 

Are you insured?? Yes. We are fully insured. We are happy to provide proof of insurance upon request.