How much will my project cost? 
All projects are different based on the scope and materials, which is why the first step is to consult with you! We recommend having a 5-10% contingency budget prepared on top of your initial estimate cost. Renovations almost never proceed without challenges unveiled or changes desired by the client as we are uncovering pre-existing work. Having a contingency budget prepared will better help you move smoothly through the project.

What types of projects are in your wheelhouse?
We are experts at renovating homes and offices -- from one room, to large-scale/whole house renovations and even additions, every project is treated with the same level of importance because our goal is to always have you 100% satisfied with your renovation. Our project scope minimum is $50,000.

Does Skelly Home handle the design + construction?No. We are only a construction firm, although we work with many designers. If you are interested in working with a designer as well, please reach out to us and we can give you some recommendations.   

How quickly can we start construction?   Project start dates vary due to a variety of factors including design/layout planning, size of the project, number of permits being issued, and availability of all necessary trades. We will be able to provide a more definitive answer upon the delivery of your personalized estimate.

Will the remodel be noisy?  When?  Yes! Construction is inherently noisy. Noise happens at varying levels throughout the home renovation process. If you plan to live in your home it can certainly be a challenge for some.

Will you manage and pull permits? Skelly Home manages submitting and pulling permits,  you will be informed as we move through the process. A designer or architect will provide appropriate plans to submit for the permit/s needed.

Does Skelly Home Renovations charge for estimates? We do not charge for estimates. We would love to walk through your home with you and discuss your vision for the space. If a designer is involved, it’s also usually a good idea to have them present at the initial walk through as well.

Do you require a down payment? Upon signing of the contract, we collect 25% of the project total as a down payment.. In the contract, a progress payment schedule is part of our agreement. Payments are made in stages as your renovation project reaches critical milestones.

Does someone need to be home during the day when we are under construction? No. We install a lock box on site so our craftsmen can come and go as necessary.

How is my project supervised? You will have an assigned project manager 100% committed to your project. The project manager will visit your project 3 or more times per week. Your original estimator will also make trips to the site to check on progress. Additionally, our project management software, BuilderTrend, will provide you with a digital portal where you will receive 3 progress reports per week, change orders, budgeting information, and communication with your project manager.

Should I budget for costs beyond the invoice price? This can be a tricky question, but we always advise our customers to set aside additional funds beyond the anticipated cost. Unforeseen issues, including unlevel floors, outdated wiring, and rotting wood can result in additional costs beyond those outlined in the proposal.  We always try to limit these expenses and predict these problem areas well in advance. However, issues can arise beyond our control that need our immediate attention. No matter what may happen, our team will do everything we can to “make it right.”

What services do you offer? We manage a variety of different renovation types. We would love to discuss your plans for a kitchen and bath renovation, full house renovation, or additions. We work on 100+ year old homes as well as brand new homes. We are not new home builders. Take a look at our processes issue to learn more about each step of our renovation process.


Will my family need to move out of our home during construction? We suggest moving out during larger renovations, although our remodeling process is structured to minimize turnaround time. From tear down to completed project, we aim to minimize any interruptions or inconvenience to your lifestyle. Every client’s threshold for the pace of work is personal. We will walk through this with you during our first series of meetings, but it is certainly less stressful if you do not live in the house while work is taking place.

What do I do if I want to change a project detail after project is started? Contact us! We are committed to your home looking exactly how you envision it. If you decide you want to change something or add in another room, we are happy to work with you to have that happen. Communication, change orders, and updates are easily and quickly communicated through BuilderTrend.  

Will I be without power/water/gas during the remodel? This is dependent on the scope of your home remodeling project. There will likely be some brief interruption to utilities, but we will always give you advance warning so that you can plan accordingly.

Will it be really dusty and dirty? Construction is inherently dusty and dirty. Dust and dirt will occur at varying levels throughout the entire home renovation process. We do our very best to seal off the rest of the house during the renovation process, however, dust travels and it’s impossible to prevent it from spreading. If you are planning to live at home during the renovation, we suggest scheduling cleanings throughout the project and a construction clean at project completion (we will book these with your approval).

Are you insured? We are fully insured and happy to provide proof of insurance upon request.

How long will my home renovation project take?
Following our initial walk through, you will quickly receive an estimate and a projected timeline. The duration of your project depends on multiple aspects including size of the renovation, scope of work, materials/finishes used, and (most importantly) any changes or additions to the project along the way. You will be able to track progress and projected schedule at all times through BuilderTrend.

How will I be kept informed about the progress of my project? We keep all project documentation safely stored through BuilderTrend where you can monitor progress, manage change orders or simply send a short message with feedback to your project manager. When the project is completed, we do a final project walkthrough to ensure the details of your project are handled to your complete satisfaction.

Will you look at a house we are thinking about buying? Once you have signed a contract on a home, we would love to meet with you and do a walk through of the areas you are looking to renovate.  However, there are enough shifting variables in the house buying process that we have determined the best use of both of our time is to do the walk through after you own the home.

What sets you apart from other renovation companies in the Austin area? Communication, quality, and customer satisfaction are truly the cornerstones of Skelly Home Renovations. We do not cut corners, we never turn a blind eye, and we always keep you filled in on the honest progress of your renovation. We aim to separate ourselves from traditional general contracting firms based on our integrity, efficiency, and quality work. Your goals for the project, your intended timeline, and your unique needs are always our priorities.

I hear renovations are stressful!  What can I do to limit the stress?  In our experience, most of renovation stress is due to unclear expectations. We work to limit stress by mapping the process as clearly as possible. You’ll know what decisions need to be made when, have a detailed invoice of your costs, and know clearly what our contract policies are. You’ll also know exactly who to call when you need guidance or clarification. As your renovation guides, we consider it our job to keep you feeling in control and excited about your project's progress.